Recommended Vendors

We’ve all had this issue in the past: you need work done above and beyond what a “normal” ASE-certified shop can do, but you don’t know who to call.  The following list contains vendors with whom the membership has done business.  Being on the list doesn’t guarantee a positive outcome, but its a good starting point (as ever, buyer beware, and your own due diligence is required for all of your purchases).

NM Imports
(505) 453-5748
3515 Princeton Dr NE Ste A

J B Radiator
(505) 344-1458
5150 A-1 Edith Blvd NE

Budlong Motorsports
(505) 275-3996
9900 Trumbull Ave SE Ste #2

Budget Transmission Masters
(505) 255-8601
725 Wyoming Blvd NE

A Reliable Engine Rubuilders
(505) 243-4488 ‎
2317 Edith Boulevard NE

Clyde’s Upholstery
(505) 247-1176
2322 2nd St NW

Bear Nut Upholstery
(505) 265-1327
123-B Tennessee NE ABQ. NM 87108

Loid’s Rides
(505) 345-5643
4150 Edith Blvd NE

Turkey Town Graffix (Ken Cardwell), Pinstriping

SQC Tuning (Eric Dotson)
(575) 621-8205

Motiva Performance
(505) 883-8388
2420 Comanche NE Ste H-3

Modern Motorsports

Restoration Parts
Motorsport Auto

Z1 Motorsports

SPL Parts

Black Dragon

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